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Endobronchial blocker tube-Pre-inflated
Endobronchial blocker tube-Pre-inflated
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Endobronchial blocker tube-Pre-inflated:

【Product Details】

Unique pre-inflation device provides the possibility of a single person completing the inflation operation
It can meet the needs of lung isolation in patients of different ages
Closed fiber bronchoscope socket for inserting bronchoscope or suction tube
Reliable cannula holder to avoid blockage during surgery
Flexible slender shaft design allows adjustment of the position and direction of the closure according to demand
Innovative Tampa angle design, consistent with physiological anatomy, easier to place
High-capacity low-pressure silicone balloon reduces bronchial mucosal irritation and damage
With tracheal intubation, avoid secondary damage caused by tube replacement
1 pc/box, 10 pcs/carton

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